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Hi, I'm Sayani Mukherjee 

Children's Book Illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland.

Welcome to Sayani Mukherjee's whimsical world of illustrations! With a magical touch and a passion for storytelling, I create enchanting characters and captivating emotions, to connect with our little friends.

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A little About Sayani

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About Me

Sayani Mukherjee is an Indian illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. Sayani embarked on her artistic journey with a passion to observe and recreate children’s expressions and activities in a whimsical art form. Her love for children's literature combined with her artistic prowess led her to specialize in illustrating books for young readers.


As a passionate advocate of the power of storytelling, Sayani is committed to creating illustrations that not only complement the narrative but also engage children and cultivate a sense of wonder.


To date, she worked with clients from different countries, including individual authors as well as different publishers like Ventorros Press, Van-Driel Publishing, Nigma Publishing, etc.


With a growing portfolio of acclaimed projects and awards, Sayani's work continues to brighten bookshelves and inspire young readers worldwide. Join her on this whimsical adventure, where stories come to life through the magical art of illustration.


Explore Sayani's other works here and discover the enchanting world of children's literature through her captivating artwork.

Sayani is represented by THE PLUM AGENCY

For work enquiries, please email:

If you just want to say "Hi" you can email me at



  • Nautilus GOLD WINNER 2024 in Children's Illustrated / Fiction Ages 6- 9 Years: Maya Moves To A New Country by Pearl Alimo- NAUTILUS WINNER 2024

  • Purple Dragonfly Best Cover Design 2023 winner (1st Place): Maya Moves to a New Country by Pearl Alimo- Story Monsters Book Award

  • Purple Dragonfly Book Award in Family Matters 2023 winner (1st Place): Maya Moves to a New Country by Pearl Alimo- Story Monsters Book Award

  • Best Indie Book Award Winner 2023 in Children's Illustration: Maya Moves To A New Country by Pearl Alimo- BIBA WINNER 2023

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